Saturday, January 1, 2011

SCWA dogs - 2010 results

A belated congratulations for a spectacular racing year for our club members' hounds.

Patrick Burlingame's Dani (Ariodante Vitesse SRChII ORC) finished 2009 by winning the WRA National in New Castle, IN. In August, she went on to win the 2010 NAWRA National. Dani also finished the year as the #1 NAWRA hound. Congratulations Pat!

Poly (Vitesse Hippolyta, Burlingame), Tina (Wheatland Tina Turner, Otero/Palmer) and Marcus (Agrippa Vitesse, Burlingame) also finished 2010 in NAWRA's top ten.

Pat's Marcus (Agrippa Vitesse ORC) and Kim Otero's Homey (Wheatland Funk Soul Brutha RCh ORC) both had a fantastic year on the oval and both finished 2010 in NOTRA's top ten!

2010 also saw the following club dogs earn new titles on the track:
* Poly (Vitesse Hippolyta) - SRChII, Patrick Burlingame
* Dani (Ariodante Vitesse) - SRChII, Patrick Burlingame
* Peaches (Wheatland Shake Your Groove Thing) - RCh, Kim Otero & Michael Palmer
* Homey (Wheatland Funk Soul Brutha) - RCh, Kim Otero & Michael Palmer
* Tina (Wheatland Tina Turner) - RCh, Kim Otero & Michael Palmer
* Foxy (Mischief's Gallant Fox) - RCh and ORC, Pascale & JJ Jones
* Marcus (Agrippa Vitesse) - ORC, Patrick Burlingame